Sand and Salt Clean-Up

Have you noticed that the City of Lethbridge street sweepers are back on the roads and in our neighborhoods?

Street Sweepers in LethbridgeThere are good reasons to keep the roads clean. The sand and salt that the city uses in the winter to make the roads more drivable will ultimately act like sandpaper on the road causing damage once the snow and ice is gone. That sandpaper action will cause the roadway to deteriorate faster.

Not only that, when the rains come (and we’ve sure seen some good rain so far!), the sand and salt and tiny road bits will clog up the storm drains.

This same sand and salt that the city is cleaning off the roads can cause similar problems for your vehicle.

The sand and salt can corrode the structure of your vehicle, producing rust, and causing the interior fabric of our vehicles to break down faster. Beyond these cosmetic and structural issues, there may be more damaging consequences. Just as the sand and salt can plug up the road drains that could result in flooding or large puddles on the road, it can also plug up the internal workings of your engine.

When we clean our vehicles we often think to vacuum out the inside, wash the outside, and sometimes we even polish the rims. When was the last time you cleaned out the underside and inside the engine where no one ever looks? Could there be sand and salt causing issues under there? Maybe it’s time for a really good car cleaning!

Tidy Tims Tim AtkinsonNext time you see a street sweeper, let it be a reminder to get your car deep cleaned, inside and outside, undercarriage, and engine compartment, too. Tim can take care of that for you – just give him a call to set up your Gold Clean Package service!

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Image credit: (top) City of Lethbridge – linked to source.