Spring Cleaning

Lethbridge Apple BlossomsWe see trees budding and flowers blooming, green grass in the coulee. All signs show that spring has arrived and soon the long days of summer will follow.

As the final days of winter give way to warmer days and bright sunshine, we feel the need to do a thorough clean. We will often go through our houses from top to bottom, removing dirt and clutter, making way for the fresh start of spring.

Have you considered extending your spring-cleaning to your vehicle?

Springtime is one of the very important times to thoroughly clean our vehicles, inside and out.

Through the winter months in Southern Alberta, salt that is spread on the roadways to help with winter driving conditions gets onto and into our vehicles. While salt helps our food taste great and goes a long way to make the roads safer when the weather is snowy and icy, salt is also highly corrosive to metal and destructive to other surfaces.

When salt is left on our vehicles, it can cause rust and other damage. This obviously affects the outside, the underside, and the engine compartment of a car. But we also track salt inside on our shoes, as well. Regular dirt can be bad for your interior, but with the rough texture of small sand grains added, it can be quite damaging to the carpet in our vehicles.

Whether you want to maintain your vehicle as the jewel it is, or the reliable workhorse that gets you where you need to be, a thorough spring clean is essential. Ensuring the removal of as much sand and salt as possible (outside AND inside), and following up with a protective wax coating will guarantee the longevity of your ride.

We often overlook the importance of cleaning our vehicles. The better we care for our automobile, the better it will run, and the less likely it will leave us stranded on the side of the road. Spring-cleaning your vehicle to shake off the winter blues will have you ready to hit the road for many great summer adventures!

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