Some things our Happy Customers have been saying:

Tim, This is the best service yet, you were on time ,you did what you said you were going to do, the vehicle was perfect inside and out. What an awesome job. Thank you again



Thanks, Tidy Tim’s for the incredible service! You went the extra mile to make sure this customer wore a smile :)
My car, which is almost 10 years old, has never looked cleaner or smelled better. I would definitely recommend your company to all of my friends. Your price is reasonable and the service is beyond excellent. I would give you 5 Stars!

Anna Ell

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14 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Kelley

    Thanks Tim, You did a FANTASTIC job on my Jeep. I couldn’t be happier. You
    went out of your way to accommodate me. Definitely 5 stars!!!

  2. Brian Dickson

    I live in Calgary and heard about Tidy Tim’s car detailng from a neighbor.After vacationing with my grandchildren my Lexus was in desperate need of a thorough cleanup.I made an appointment with the owner Tim,and this most professional,friendly and industrious gentleman immediately captured my confidence.So off I went to Lethbridge….my vehicle was in his shop for 5 hours.When I picked it up it looked like new inside and out.It was such a pleasure to deal with an owner,who took so much “pride in the ride” to please his customers.I would highly recommend Tidy Tim’s Auto Clean in Lethbridge.I know that I will go back again! Lucky Lethbridge! Tim should be recognized for a business award of excellence.
    Brian in Calgary
    Business Relations
    Better Business Bureau

  3. Miles & Dawn

    When we took the car to Tim we honestly didn’t think that it was possible for the wheels to ever look clean & shiny again. We were amazed that whatever Tim does, it sure works. The same for the headlights……now we can see for night driving. Amazing results & excellent work Tim & crew.

    Also, crevices that we’ve tried to clean on the inside of our car with no success were absolutely spotless, shiny & smelling clean again. Your work is outstanding & your service is so incredibly friendly & accommodating. We were more than happy & will recommend your service to many. Thank you and all the best in your new business!
    Miles & Dawn

  4. Cary and Donna seibel

    Dear Tim and Tim
    Wow wow what amazing job you did on our car!!!! It looked brand new didn’t want it drive it, so sparkly and clean both inside and out. Tim pays attention to detail and customer service 110 per cent
    Tim polished my headlights and it was amazing what they looked like no need to buy new ones!! Now I can see and drive better at nights. Thank you very much Tim and his staff for the wonderful job you’ve done we will be back again and we are referring lots of people to you’re great work and customer service
    Keep smiling and thanks again

    Very happy customer
    Cary and Donna seibel

  5. John P.

    I had my 1999 F-150 truck done with the Silver Package on February 10, 2015, after 15+ years of accumulating all kinds of ground-in mess to the carpets, seats, dash etc. I’d cleaned it a few times myself over the years but never anything even remotely in-depth so it was basically a disaster. My wife wouldn’t even get in the truck. And while I was expecting a decently clean vehicle when it was done, what I got back blew me away.

    When I got the truck back at the end of the day, it looked brand new inside. Everything was spotless, the dash and instrument panels were perfect, even the gear shifter had been taken off and polished inside. Every nook and cranny in the extended cab was completely taken care of and there’s no way you would even suspect this interior was anything but brand new out of the factory. I know it sounds like i’m exaggerating but I’m not! They clearly care about doing a first-rate job and I have no hesitation in saying I will be giving all of my future business to them.

    Amazing job.

  6. Barry Charlesworth

    Great job done on my 1965 Mustang inside and out. A great group of guys that do amazing work. Thank you so much for a job well done.

    Barry Charlesworth

  7. Amber

    Very impressed with my truck after picking it up. Tim gave me a few rides 2x to my house since I forgot the house key in the shop the first time. I almost cried seeing the inside of my truck but didn’t want to embarrass myself 😁. I have used Tims services before and there is no other place I would consider taking my vehicles. I will definitely be giving Tidy Tims business cards to a few people. Thank you Tim and Castro! 👍👍

  8. Mary Anne/Paul McKee

    Thank you Tim. You did a very impressive job on my Jeep. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to have their vehicle detailed.

  9. Kris Miyashiro

    I could no longer see the head lights on my Tuscon as the head light covers were so pitted and yellow. Night time driving was beginning to be an issue. I tried polishes from Canadian Tire and even had one of the oil change businesses try to buff them out with no success. Tim was recommended by another business. Within 15 minutes my head light covers were crystal clear. I thought I was going to have to buy new covers. Your rock Tim!!!

  10. Liat Corbiere

    I brought my vehicle into Tims place with a ridiculous amount of swirls from the car wash and we also bought it a year old! Scratches from the kids bike handles, someone hit my car and drove off in the parking lot so those scratches all on the bottom of the doors etc.

    I received my car today and words can’t describe the IMMACULATE CONDITION I received it. It looks better then a showroom car, dealerships can’t even get a car to look this good. It’s like they used q-tips to ensure every mm of that vehicle was shiny. Those scratches and swirls?!!? Do not exist!

    I have never received service this good or seen service this good. His guy in the back—UNREAL good employee. A forever customer!

  11. Klara

    Tim’s professionalism and attention to detail are truly outstanding. I am extremely happy with quality of service and would recommend for any detail service small or large. Customer service at its finest. Thank you again

  12. Angel Reimer

    I brought my extremely dirty farm used truck to Tim and when i went to pick it up i had tears!!!! Looked like a brand new vehicle from the dealership, shiny, squeeky clean and smelling fresh!!! My heat wasnt working and they even got that going! They are wonderful people with great values. Thanks Tim and God bless you and your team. Angel R.

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