What did the car do to my wedding dress?

The big day has arrived. The wedding party is stunning. EVERY detail has been taken care of!

Or so you thought…

What in the world is that down the side of the bride’s gorgeous dress? Dust? Oil? Some kind of weird smudge….? Whatever it is, it’s AWFUL, and very visible. Her dress is ruined!!  Where did the mess come from? She just put the dress on, and then rode in the car from the hotel room to the church…


bride in classic carHave you seen all the layers of ruffles and fabric that most wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses are made of these days? Picture, in your mind, what all those frills and ruffles look like squished into the seat of a car.  There’s fabric everywhere! The dress kind of ends up all over the place, in spite of everyone’s best efforts at keeping it contained.

Maybe you cleaned the car especially carefully. This is a big day, after all, and you were prepared!  But there are places on our cars we never think about checking or cleaning, places where dress disasters could be laying in wait:

  • a hidden packet of ketchup,
  • a stray glob of grease,
  • an abandoned ink pen,
  • an overlooked streak of mud on a door frame,
  • a sneaky pet hair pile…

You get the idea!

The layers and layers of dress can tuck into nooks and crannies all around inside the car.  You really don’t want messy surprises hiding in those places to stain the satin, smudge the silk, or taint the taffeta.

Don’t risk having anything from your car staining or smudging the very special dress (or dresses) riding in it. Have your car cleaned, inside and outside, by a professional auto detailer before transporting such precious cargo on such a special day.

Tidy Tim's Auto Clean Interior Work

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Image credit: Bride photo © Viriato Martins